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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Well, first off, I must admit, I completely failed. I meant to bring some paper and writing utensils to take notes of the movie. That did not happen, around 9:30 I get a text from my friend saying they’re letting people into the theatres already. So I rushed out the door and headed to the theatre to make sure I got some seats, even though it didn’t start until midnight. So, this is not going to be a review as much as it is just a rambling of different thoughts.


What I’ve been going around and telling people is that HBP was “Epic Awesome”. This response from me is purely based on production of the movie. This does not reflect how well the book was adapted. Truthfully, I’ve given up on how well they adapt the book, all the little nuances that fans would expect them to do, for example, in Order of the Phoenix Dobby is suppose to tell Harry about the Room of Requirements. In the movie, Neville Longbottom is the one who tells them about the ROR. Things like that don’t bother me anymore, as much as it’d be nice of them to keep it as faithful as possible, they have to take some liberties. The CGI to have Dobby show up for a few scenes in OotP would be a waste of money on their part. So I understand why they change some things. As long as they get the main points across and it still retains the most useful information, I’m fine. Though I would have loved to see the fight on the Quidditch Pitch in OotP between the Weasley Twins and Harry and Draco. Ah, well.

Half-Blood Prince continues the trend the most recent movies have set, which is using a more darker, mature theme, often times shooting in what feels like a blue filter (and most probably is) to make everything seem darker. (See Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow for an example of blue filter). With the advancement of the Darker and more mature themes, I’m not sure how HBP scraped by with a PG rating. Especially with some of the more crucial parts towards the end. (Example (bout half-way into the movie): One scene shows a girl, Katie Bell-Gryffindor Chaser-being cursed, raised into the air, screaming, and then violently dropping to the ground.) The Pensieve flashbacks to scenes with Tom Riddle are not exactly cheerful, either. Not to mention the movie is full of subtle, and some not so subtle hints of sexual attraction between characters. This doesn’t even cover half of it; Blood is present multiple times throughout the movie, and Bellatrix has this nasty obsession with setting things one fire and blowing things up.

I really wanna know what the MPAA was thinking rating it PG; it’s most definitely a PG-13 movie. Maybe it’s because of all the humor in the movie. There’s plenty of it, from Slughorn hiding as a chair, to Ron’s Quidditch tryouts, and even the line Ron delivers after Harry saves him from being poisoned. The humor flies around plenty, so maybe that’s what the MPAA gave the PG rating for. Let’s take a look at HBP (PG Rating) and OotP (PG-13).

Half-Blood Prince has a PG rating for “Scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality.”

Order of the Phoenix has a PG-13 rating for “Sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images.”

Really, which one seems like it should have the PG-13 rating? Both, in a way, but HBP more so than OotP.

Anyways, Half-Blood Prince was a great movie experience and probably the best Potter movie so far. I really enjoyed it start to finish and want to go see it again. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has seen the other Potter films or even read the books.


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  1. Maybe I WILL go see this movie. But having read the books I was never too impressed with the movies. Perhaps this one will be different.

    Comment by Resulli | July 15, 2009 | Reply

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