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The Speed Gamers and HBP Game

The Speed Gamers are at it again! The ever so popular game marathon group has started a new marathon, this time a week long marathon of Final Fantasy (FF1 – 12, minus X-2) , raising money for ACT Today. Check them out and if you can, help support them by donating or spreading the word to everyone you know. You can reach them at www.thespeedgamers.comCome and join the fun. They have a great community on the forums too, and it’s really quite active.

For those of you who do not know who The Speed Gamers are, they are a group of dedicated people who do gaming marathons for charity. In total they’ve raised over $32,000 from past marathons and it all goes towards the charity. They also have more marathons planned for the near future, such as their Mega Man marathon coming up in August.

On a less important note (really, I should have done these two things separately), yesterday night I went on the EA store and used this discount code they sent me for my birthday in June. 25% off any game in their store. I opted to use it on the Half-Blood Prince game for Wii. This resulted in a $12.51 discount making the $50 game into only $37.49, with no tax. Also, if you buy Half-Blood Prince from the EA store there’s free shipping, so all-in-all I got a great deal. I’ll have a review of it up when I’m done with it.

I also purchased the Half-Blood Prince mobile game for my Cell phone. I’ll have impressions of that version too.


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