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Funny Youtube Video

I was bored and decided to look around Youtube for some videos to watch. I came across a Harry Potter vs. Voldemort Rap Battle. I found it pretty funny so I looked at more videos from them (Indymogul) and saw this next one. It’s a couple months old so a lot of people may know about it but I loved it. It’s Wolverine Movie The Musical. It’s absolutely hilarious and amazing. I’ve taken the liberty to write up the lyrics below. Enjoy the videos. The Wolverine video has a link to download the MP3 for it too. I downloaded it and currently have it looping over and over.

I’m hunting in the woods again
With claws of Adamantium
These fucking things can chop through anything
I’ll chop apart that redwood tree
And slice the wings off of a bee
I’m not a circus freak I’m Wolverine

No one knows my pain, no one knows my hell
My unbreakable frame is just a prison cell
I can’t remember before, I think I fought in some wars
How did I get these mutton chops
My wife was taken away
Now I’m in love with Jean Grey
But she’s involved with Cyclops
I can heal any body part
Except this broken heart

Yeah, you’re right mate, I gotta get outta the dumps.
In fact I feel a number coming on
Five, six, seven, eight
It’s gonna be a brand new day
Cause Sabertooth is gonna pay
I’m gonna slice and dice my troubles away


July 27, 2009 - Posted by | Random

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