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The Final Destination

Friday evening I had the pleasure (in a way) to go see The Final Destination and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. I’ll share my thoughts now on one of the movies. Let us start with The Final Destination.


Firstly, I did not see the movie in 3D. I wanted to but couldn’t, so I cannot comment on the 3D of the movie. Now, if you’ve seen another other Final Destination in the series you know what you’re in for. Main character A is doing an activity with Main character B and their less important character friends. Main character A has a premonition about how them, their friends and some other minor characters they don’t know (or in 1 and 3’s regard, they vaguely know from school) are going to die. And then they snap back to reality, and save some of the people because they freak out over the premonition and get out of deaths way. Which ends up making death mad and then death manipulates the persons surrounding to come back and still kill them. Main character A figures it out, tells Main Character B and they try to stop deaths plan so they can live, which they fail at.

The formula for the movie hasn’t changed at all. The only thing that has changed is how people die, which while unique and quite gory, are only like small road bumps in the story we’ve seen four times now. I like the Final Destination series, I really do, I just wish the formula was changed up a bit, that the story was a bit more interesting than what we’ve seen before. Add more depth to the story somehow. The only new thing I really saw in the movie is that Main Character A has a second full blown premonition. Which was kinda cool, I do admit. I don’t recall any of the other movies having a second fleshed out premonition.

The characters were boring and to be honest I don’t think I remember a single characters name. Well, Main Character A’s name is Nick… I think. All I remember them by is how they acted. Main Character A, his girlfriend Main Character B. Their friends, “stuck up prissy girl” and the guy friend “preppy tool”. “Racist guy”, “Cowboy”, “Black guy”, “Tampon mom” and “Custom car guy”. Some good names right?

I think the coolest part of the entire movie was the opening credits. It was a cool montage of a lot of the previous movies deaths using skeletons, and it showed how the deaths affected the body when they happened. What bones broke and how far in objects may have gone. This effect was used once more in the movie, and it was one of the cooler effects, though I think they only did it cause showing the actual death would have been way to gory.

I know I already went on about how they didn’t change the formula, but I think the biggest disappointment to me was the ending. When I hear the movie referred to as “The Final Destination” I think it’s the end or the last in the series. Now, I don’t know if there will be more Final Destination movies. If there are, I seriously hope they make some changes to the formula or I may not even bother seeing it. My problem is, if this is the last in the series, then the ending is a total let down. If this is the last movie, I wish this group of people really did stop deaths plan and that someone was able to change their future. But it doesn’t, everyone who was suppose to die in the beginning ends up dying in the movie and while it’s probably expected by everyone, I wish it didn’t end that way. Especially if this is the last of the series.

I guess that’s it. Overall I’d say I’m kinda disappointed with it, but I did enjoy seeing the deaths. I just think the story has become stale and they need to shake it up a bit somehow. When determining which one is your favourite movie in the series I guess it comes down to which one has the deaths you like the best.


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