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Well, I just lost everything I wrote about Zombieland because my page backed up and I know there’s suppose to be an draft auto-saver or something but I don’t think it did anything to save it.

Anyways, in short, Zombieland was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all year. It has a strong cast of characters who just seem to work off each other really well. It’s full of hilarious moments and even has a surprise guest actor (to keep the surprise do not go to IMDB. It makes it even better).

Run down of characters include Columbus, the nerdy virgin kid who is afraid of almost everything, especially clowns (he narrates the movie at times too). Tallahassee, the BA of the group. He has a “twisted” sense of humor when it comes to killing zombies but he loves killing zombies. Wichita, Elder sister to Little Rock and great at conning people. Love interest to Columbus. Little rock, Wichita’s 12 year old sister, con accomplice. Also stupid as anything as she doesn’t know who even “Gandhi” is. But of course she knows Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.

The story for the most part is semi-lighthearted, throwing a bunch of hilarious parts and one liners after another. But there are some serious moments and we get to see brief flashbacks of each characters (of the main four) pasts before the outbreak.

I’m going to leave it at that, I really enjoyed the movie and I would love to see it again. It’ll definitely be one I add to my DVD collection. If I had to give it a star rating out of 5, I’d say 4/5 stars personally. I can see many zombie fans and video game fans enjoying this movie.

Oh, and stay for after the credits, there’s a lil somethin’ extra.


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