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Last night I went to bed at 11:30. This is fairly early for me as usually I have a hard time sleeping and can’t sleep until 2 to 3am. I fell asleep to a Christmas movie. I forget the title, but it was like about Rudolph’s brother or something. I don’t know, but anyways, I’m sleeping and my dream is fine. Nice and normal. So, in the dream I’m heading home. I finally get to my house and I walk in. I grab my DS to continue my Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days game and watch some Psych.

Next thing I know I’m in some other house, and it’s dark. A friend is there, and two strangers. I search a couple rooms with my friend and we notice a room full of guns and ammunition. We’re like, “Uhh, what’s up with this?” We try the lights but they’re out and the only flashlights are attached to the weapons. We grab a bunch and bring them to the other two people. We’re all talking and wondering what’s going on, when I look out the partially boarded up window and notice something. I get closer to the window, heart racing. I get a better look and my eyes widen ( Like O_O ) and I yell, “SPITTER!” and jump to the side as an acid-y spit is shot through the window, burning through the boards like they were nothing.

We all pull up our guns but my friend fires the first two shots from her auto-shotgun and blows the Spitters head off. We have no idea what’s going on but we all decide it’s best to keep prepared. We split up into teams of two, my friend and I and the two strangers. We’d report back to the room we arrived in for a meeting in 30 minutes.

As we go off, we decide to check upstairs, her carrying her auto-shotgun and I carrying my assault rifle. We’re discussing what could be going on and we both think we’re somehow dreaming. Spitters aren’t real, they’re going to be a new enemy type in the game Left 4 Dead 2. But we both couldn’t be having the same dream, and what about the other two. Both being Left 4 Dead players we know we have to survive, no matter whats going on, how we got there or anything. Just survive.

We check a couple rooms upstairs and nothing is out of the ordinary though it’s a pretty run down building. Someone must have tried to stay alive in there at some point, that would be reason for boarded up windows and the plethora of weapons.

We enter a big room, bigger than any we’ve seen yet. It’s full of books and maps and big fancy furniture. Then we hear a gurgling noise, one that sounds oh so familiar and we both immediately recognize it as a Boomer gurgle. We pan the area and don’t see anything. We take a couple steps back. My friend crouches down and looks through the keyhole of the room we’re in and sees the not-so-lovely Boomer on the other side waddling down the hallway. She flings open the door, blasts the boomer, and quickly closes the door again.

More searching of the room, being as quiet as possible but after a short time we start to hear scratching all around us. Scratching at the door and at the windows. We know what’s a coming: a horde.

We block the door with furniture and start to block some windows with whats remaining. It won’t stop them, but it’ll slow them down enough. The horde begins to break some of the boards on the walls and begin flooding into the room and we open fire on them taking them down in a relatively easy manner.

At the same time we hear coughing and a loud a screech, a smoker and a hunter. I notice the smoker just outside one of the windows, in another building, I crouch down and fire a burst of shots as it fires its slimy tongue and it explodes. I look over and see the hunter about to pounce on my friend but more infected are coming, so I yell to her and just as he pounces she head-shots him (if this were in game she’d get an achievement for it).

We’re now being overwhelmed by the horde, and another Smoker, Hunter and Boomer have arrived. We decide to use my friends favourite tactic… we hide in the closet. We’re just taking infected out one after another, more Special Infected show up and then it happens… we hear the roars of a Tank. We know this can’t be good, we’re just gonna have to hope we can take it down before it reaches the closet.

We see it approaching, it entered through a now open wall (thanks Tank, we were thinking of remodeling), and we’re pummeling it with bullets. It’s no good though, it makes its way over to the closet… we’re trying to kill it, even aiming for the head. It raises it’s big over-sized arms above it’s head, this it, we’re done for. We close our eyes still firing and on the Tanks downswing I wake up…

Now, I said I fell asleep around 11:30, so I look at the clock, thinking “oh, it’s probably morning.” Wrong, it’s only 2:30 in the morning. But guess who can’t fall back asleep because the dream, while it doesn’t seem scary in writing or when doing all this in the video game, scared the heck out of him?



October 12, 2009 - Posted by | Random

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