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I’m Late, I’m Late… Because I fail. 3DS Finally.

…. Let’s just get to it.

The Nintendo 3DS released nearly a month ago now and I’d say that’s adequate time for me to get to know my new portable friend. First off let me say, the 3DS is a great system, I love my 3DS. The 3D effect without glasses is still a bit mind boggling and gives me a “wow” feeling every time I see a cool 3D effect. Such as, Ibuki’s hair popping out of the screen in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. The 3D effect can be turned off at any time by sliding the conveniently placed Depth Slider on the top screen either up (turn on) or down (turn off). Given the name, it is a slider and not just an on and off switch so if you want or need to use a middle ground, you can. Find what works for you. Personally, Max 3D, all the time.

Let’s all keep in mind though, the 3D effect will not work for everyone. If you’re looking to buy one because of the 3D, I would find a demo station or a friend who has it and try it out if you’re worried you might not be able to see it. Even though, if you’re buying the system because of the 3D effect, I think you need your gaming priorities straightened out.

In my time with my 3DS I’ve tried out most features, the AR games, the camera, streetpass, Mii Plaza, Face Raiders, etc. The only one I haven’t really tried is the sound one as I have a Zune HD and have no need for another portable MP3 player.

AR Games, or Augmented Reality Games are very cool and you really have to see it to understand. Especially in 3D. I’ve heard word that we’ll also be able to download some new AR games eventually so I cannot wait to see what they come up with.

Face Raiders is pretty good. You take a picture of yourself or your friends (if you can find the right ones, even pictures online) and they get transformed into floating heads. You have to look all around by physically moving yourself to find all the different faces and shoot your projectiles at them.

The D-pad is pretty nice and the Circle Pad is comfortable. Way better than the PSP’s nub (which doesn’t bother me anymore). L and R buttons are nice and sturdy it seems. Quite clicky. Better than the DSi and maybe the Lite’s L and R buttons.

Graphics on the 3DS are a huge step up from the DS. Considering Capcom was able to get the entirety of SSFIV on the 3DS without making too many compromises (static background instead of moving ones and a couple more little things) that should really tell you something. Most would say the 3DS can handle up to Wii standard graphics, which on a portable, is pretty good.

I don’t really remember what else I had to say, I could go on and on about every little feature but one, that’d get annoying, and second, it’s fun to discover what you can about it on your own.

Overall, the 3DS is quite nice and everyone I’ve shown it too have given positive comments about it and tell me how much they want one now. The selection of games available now is pretty decent, but if you’re a “hardcore” gamer, you’ll probably find nothing to your liking now aside from SSFIV3DE. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D releases in June (everywhere) and Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D releases in July.

For $250, the 3DS is a little steep for some, I get that, but it’s totally worth it if you have games you want to play on it.

Note: Nintendo will be releasing an eShop that will have classic GB, GBC and Sega Game Gear games on it, some redone to add 3D depth. As well as Demos, 3D movie trailers, and possibly some 3D NES and SNES games. No comment on the shop though as it won’t release until, “Late May.” Netflix to launch sometime in the Summer.

“The worst mistake you can make is to give up on yourself and stop challenging yourself for fear of failure. Keep moving forward with a firm eye on the future, telling yourself, “I’ll start from today!” “I’ll start afresh from now, from this very moment!” ~ Unknown


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Season Finale of Bones Is Rage Worthy!!

And if you didn’t get it yet:

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 5 of Bones has come to an end (and they already promised season six would start in the fall), and you know what?! IT MAKES ME WANNA RAGE! But you probably got that from the title you smart lil’ reader you.

First of all, okay, since Season 2 it’s been blatantly obvious that Booth and Brennan are in love with each other! Everyone else can see it but they’re astoundingly blind to it. Well, I think Booth knows it but he won’t pursue it because he knows how Brennan is. I think Brennan is slowly starting to realize it. If she didn’t know it before I think the fact that in this episode she says something about constantly worrying that Booth will get hurt and she couldn’t prevent it would open her eyes. That’s a red flag if I ever saw one! Which I have… many many times.

Alright moving on because I would probably rant about that all day, the episode was great, even if it makes me wanna slice a Zombies head off and then stomp on it a million times.

Let’s try to make this quick. List of why this episode is anger inducing:

Brennan is leaving for a year to go to some Islands (as Booth calls them, the Makapoopoo Islands).
Booth is going to Afghanistan to train US Army Soldiers for a year.
As much as I wanna kill Daisy sometimes, she’s going with Brennan so her and Sweets break up. Least I’m pretty sure they did…
Hodgins decides that him and Angela are going on a trip for a year because they don’t wanna break in a new FBI Agent and Anthropologist.
Where does that leave Cam? AT THE JEFFERSONIAN BY HERSELF! Seriously people. You can’t just leave Cam by herself!!
Why must the team break up?! Whyyyyyyy?! ­čśŽ

Grrr. That’s not even the worst part. At the end, when Booth and Brennan say their good-byes and promise to meet again in one year and pick up their partnership, they walk away, and they both turn and look back at each other then leave. LIKE COME ON! THAT WAS THE PERFECT TIME FOR THEM TO KISS! They should have! Booth should have run back and kissed her like there was no tomorrow! Which he’s going to Afghanistan so for him it very well could have been his last time seeing her!

Aside from all that the episode was fairly funny like always. While Hodgins is trying to steal a car back for Angela’s father, he falls off the high wall he’s on. Commence this convo:

Sweets: What happened?
Hodgins: Gravity

I laughed so hard at that bit.

Alright, I’m going to wrap this up now. All I can really say is September can’t come fast enough. I need season six right now and to know what happens! If Booth and Brennan don’t get together in season six and get married and make cute babies I’ll probably rage even harder than this.

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

This is the first post, and as the first post I’ll just explain what I plan on doing with this blog. For the most part it’ll just be me rambling or posting news posts. I plan on writing up video game and movie reviews, starting with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I’ve gotta go do some stuff so I’m cutting this short. Sorry.

Random thought of the day: “If you eat two fortune cookies, do the fortunes stack or does the second one cancel out the first one?”

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