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Bones Season Premiere!

Well well well, where to begin? Tonight was the Bones season premiere. I had been thinking of it all day, wondering what the first episode would hold for us. Enough of this let’s talk episode!

The show opened with a brief couple clips from the ending of Season 5, with Booth and Brennan leaving and going separate ways. Him to Iraq to train some n00bs and her to Maluku Islands (with Daisy) over in Indonesia to find the origins of humans. I really should have taken notes during the episode but I forgot as I was busy during the commercials. Anyways, we then get to see what they’re doing 7 months later.

First, Cam is working on a case of a missing boy, who may or may not be dead. She’s about to be fired because she’s stuck on the case and won’t confirm or deny if it’s the missing boy they’re looking for. We see Brennan and Daisy with a broken down car and eventually some guys show up and Brennan lays the smack down on all of them while Daisy stood around in her underwear. And they had guns! What is wrong with them? Moving on to Booth, we get to see an operation he’s on with some n00bs and they end up saving a little boy and returning him to his mommy.

Let’s make a long story short; Caroline calls everyone and gets them all to come back and help save Cam’s job. Huzzah. We then find out that when everyone left, the Jeffersonian department was essentially shut down. All the interns are gone too. What a disaster, huh?

We find out Booth found someone while in Iraq. A war reporter. Ya know, like Frank West in Dead Rising (I’ve covered wars, ya know. lulz). She’s okay looking from the picture, definitely not ugly, but she’s NOT Brennan, therefore she fails hardcore. Sheesh. We all know Booth and Brennan should be together already and make lots of babies. Speaking of Brennan… she’s looking extremely hot with her new haircut. I’m just sayin.

Also, speaking of babies, Angela tells Brennan that she’s pregnant! How crazy is that?! It’s so wonderful!

I’m going to be honest, I have no order to where I’m putting this info. I didn’t plan anything out, I’m kinda just typing as it comes to my head.

Sweets and Daisy stay broken up, but then like make out in front of an elevator and everyone sees them. This is going to be an awkward relationship during the season.

Wendel is back, and Brennan is paying him since the Jeffersonian program was disbanded he lost his scholarship. I think he still likes Angela, it wasn’t that well shown but I kinda got that hint. He does anything to try and mess up Hodgins and Angela’s marriage and I’ll find the writers and hurt them. Okay maybe not, but I would want to.

Oh yes, Hodgins. Well, he’s still awesome so not much to say. Except he was extremely happy when Angela told him she was pregnant. He almost cried!! That’s how happy.

Everything worked out in the end. They solved the case of the dead boy, found the missing boy, and the team is staying together!! Woo!! Booth and Brennan are still not together but in time. In time. It looks like next episode we’ll get to meet Booth’s new love interest. Bleh. Do. Not. Want.

Overall, this episode had me smiling a lot and it was great to see everyone back together. I have no real complaints about the episode, I was enthralled the entire time. To see how everything plays out is going to be interesting. I’m super excited to see the rest of the Season. AND YOU BETTER BE TOO!!!! Every Thursday at 8pm on Fox. You best watch.

Now I have to go back to doing Homework. I realize this blog sounds rather boring, as in the tone of it. I can chalk that up to being tired myself. Sorry guys, next week will be much better. Promise. I’m out.


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Bones and Zombies

I bet you’re wondering how Bones and Zombies go together, and I shall tell you.

This Thursday Bones Season 6 starts! That’s right, it feels like it’s been yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears since the last season of Bones and we’re finally getting season six. Watch it. Or I’ll have to find you. (note:Bones is on Fox at 8pm)

Next up, next Tuesday Dead Rising 2 will come out for the 360 and PS3. I have already preordered the Zombrex Edition and I can’t wait for the game. The first games controls were a game breaker for me. They were plain awful. As was the save system. Having played Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the Prologue to Dead Rising 2, I think the controls and save system have been greatly improved upon. I’ll have my thoughts on the game next week or so and possibly pictures of the Zombrex Edition items. It’s $80 so it better be worth it.

That’s all, this post isn’t very good or well organized. Just decided to start writing something.

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It’s late. New update.

December 1, 2009 was my last update. Jeez!! What have I been doing all this time?! Honestly, I don’t know. Moving on!

Current time: 4:50AM

Yeah, it’s late, or early. Whichever you prefer.

I don’t really have much to say now, I just wanna make an update. I’ll have to make a newer update, one with substance, like that one about the dream, sometime soon. Which if you haven’t read it you should. Go now. Actually, here’s the link. You really have no excuse not to go read it now.

So actually… I’ll just leave it at that for now. Go read that post and then you can go about your day.

Oh and Season Finale of Bones tonight at 8 on Fox. Watch it. Even if you missed all of seasons 1-4 and the other 22 or so episodes of season 5. And if you have Netflix, you BEST go watch season 1-4 of Bones on it right nao. Go go go.

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Favourite TV shows?

I’m sitting here a bit bored and I just finished watching two episodes of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” because The Doctor from Doctor Who was in them and now I’m kinda interested in the series haha. So, it got me thinking, what are some shows people like. Leave a comment or write on my Facebook wall (if you’re a friend).
I’ll list some:

Psych – Currently taking a break until January, the show is currently in it’s fourth season and still as funny as ever. It’s about the son of a retired cop who when younger developed his skills with his photographic memory (thanks to his dad making him). Grown up he passes as a “Psychic” and solves cases for the police department with his best mate, Gus. Airs Fridays on USA.

Entourage – The sixth season ended way back in August for this show with hopefully the seventh underway. Airing in the summertime on HBO on Sundays this show is about Queens born actor Vincent Chase (character name), his friends E (short for Eric) and Turtle (who’s real name is only said once from memory) and his brother Johnny (aka Johnny Drama or just Drama). Based around Hollywood drama that can happen when you’re living that kind of life it’s quite interesting and I love it.

Doctor Who – British show dating back to the 60’s. In 2005 it saw a revival and has been going strong ever since. Probably one of my favouritest shows ever, it’s about a Time Lord named “The Doctor”. The what? The Doctor? Doctor what? No, just The Doctor, and his spaceship The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) which took the shape of an old Police phone Box and has been stuck that way ever since. In 2006, just after 1 year of being back on, The actor who played The Doctor decided to leave and from 2006-2010 we’ve had David Tennant as The Doctor. Sadly, this is coming to an end and in 2010 we’ll be introduced to a new Doctor. The 11th Doctor to date. With three specials still coming up (that will end David Tennants run as The Doctor) if you haven’t seen this show yet catch one of those and see what the show is about. I find it hard to explain and think you should just watch it for yourself. I find the Doctor to be a great character and the way David Tennant portrays him is amazing. Hard to explain though, as I said.

Specials are as follows (On BBCAmerica):
December 19th – “The Waters of Mars”
December 26th – “The End of Time, Part One”
Sometime in 2010 – “The End of Time, Part Two”

That’s about all I’ll list right now. Other shows I do watch though are “Glee” on Fox and reruns of “Las Vegas” on TNT. “Cold Case”, “Without a Trace” and other such shows.

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