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So this is just going to be a brief blog. I recently finished the game Metroid: Other M for the Nintendo Wii. Developed by Nintendo and Team Ninja (guys behind Dead or Alive series. Yes, the one with the boobs that have their own physics engine basically). Anyways, I posted a topic here about something and a huge discussion broke out. I also posted in another topic about how the dialogue of the game wasn’t as bad as people make it out to be, which is true.

Long story short, people seem to be complaining that the dialogue in Metroid: Other M is not “realistic”. Meaning, no one, if put in the same situation, would talk like that. Now granted, this is probably right but let’s take a step back. Just one tiny step back.

Since the beginning of the Metroid universe/series, Samus Aran, a Space Bounty Hunter, has been able to obtain the ability to morph into a ball, lay bombs as a ball and be hit with them with no damage, shoot plasma and missiles out of her arm cannon (which is completely unrealistic in the first place, where does she store all of them?), and take down aliens 3x or more her size.

But now they’re complaining that a little bit of dialogue is unrealistic? Are you *censored* kidding me? They can accept all the other stuff but a little bit of unrealistic dialogue and the whole game is garbage? Gamers are never satisfied. It’s absolutely ridiculous.


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