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Unexpected Post!

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote about anything! I was going to wait until next week, when school is officially over, but right now seems good. What shall I write about? Let’s catch up on some recent stuff just for this blog. Something more meaningful next time.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1:
This movie is absolutely amazing. Just amazing! I’ve seen it three times and I could probably watch it a dozen more times and still not tire of it. Sure sure, some things were changed, as expected, but it’s really nothing major and it really does a great job of following the book and I cannot wait for part 2. The ending with Dobby… I just love Dobby’s final lines.

: Oh my God. What am I gonna do? My wife’s downstairs all alone!
Harry: Ron… you don’t have a wife.
Ron: Oh… right.

^I love it.


Donkey Kong Country Returns:
Retro studios have revived the Donkey Kong Country series after a long absence. Sure there were things like Donkey Konga, and Jungle Beat and stuff but did anyone really care for them? Not to my knowledge. DKCR is probably one of the best games of the year. While it’s a great game, with tons of replay-ability if you’re into time attacks. Keep in mind the game has an insane difficulty even for veteran gamers. You will die. And you will die a lot.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn:
After 8 years, Camelot finally gives us a third Golden Sun game. I have not finished it but so far it’s a pretty great game. Djinni summons have some of the best graphics on DS I’ve ever seen and are just amazing to watch. Not much else can be said at this time. I would so far recommend it. Only downside is everyone talks WAAAAAAAAY too much. Even for an RPG, sometimes you just wanna be all, “Shut the fish muffin up!”

TV Shows:

Not much to say. Psych has been pretty solid this season. Still funny as ever and I love it. What was the line from the last episode?

Shawn (to lassie)
: Sir, I’m going to ask you to calm down or I’ll be forced to taser you in the face.

Great stuff if I do say so.

Booths new girlfriend, Hannah, is so annoying. I really just wish she would die. Considering Brennan essentially confessed her feelings for Booth tonight and he was all, “eye luv hannah (montana) sew eye canknot luv u even tho eye ‘ave always luv’d u”. HOW ANNOYING!
Other than that Bones is still a rockin’ show and awesome as always.

I’ve also been watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO which is pretty great, but does have it’s boring parts and The Walking Dead on AMC. The Walking Dead is one of the best new shows to come out in probably the last 2 years or so. It’s a shame that this first test season only had 6 Episodes and I even missed the last one. I gotta try to find it. What sucks more is season 2, which thankfully is signed for 13 Episodes, isn’t until next Fall. Boo waiting.
If you like Zombies, you should definitely watch The Walking Dead. I’m sure all six episodes of season 1 are online in some way now. Go watch them.

Thankfully this post is not as long as it could be. As I said, next post will have something better. This was just something to get back into the swing of things. Now bed for me.

‘Til next time.

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Favourite TV shows?

I’m sitting here a bit bored and I just finished watching two episodes of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” because The Doctor from Doctor Who was in them and now I’m kinda interested in the series haha. So, it got me thinking, what are some shows people like. Leave a comment or write on my Facebook wall (if you’re a friend).
I’ll list some:

Psych – Currently taking a break until January, the show is currently in it’s fourth season and still as funny as ever. It’s about the son of a retired cop who when younger developed his skills with his photographic memory (thanks to his dad making him). Grown up he passes as a “Psychic” and solves cases for the police department with his best mate, Gus. Airs Fridays on USA.

Entourage – The sixth season ended way back in August for this show with hopefully the seventh underway. Airing in the summertime on HBO on Sundays this show is about Queens born actor Vincent Chase (character name), his friends E (short for Eric) and Turtle (who’s real name is only said once from memory) and his brother Johnny (aka Johnny Drama or just Drama). Based around Hollywood drama that can happen when you’re living that kind of life it’s quite interesting and I love it.

Doctor Who – British show dating back to the 60’s. In 2005 it saw a revival and has been going strong ever since. Probably one of my favouritest shows ever, it’s about a Time Lord named “The Doctor”. The what? The Doctor? Doctor what? No, just The Doctor, and his spaceship The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) which took the shape of an old Police phone Box and has been stuck that way ever since. In 2006, just after 1 year of being back on, The actor who played The Doctor decided to leave and from 2006-2010 we’ve had David Tennant as The Doctor. Sadly, this is coming to an end and in 2010 we’ll be introduced to a new Doctor. The 11th Doctor to date. With three specials still coming up (that will end David Tennants run as The Doctor) if you haven’t seen this show yet catch one of those and see what the show is about. I find it hard to explain and think you should just watch it for yourself. I find the Doctor to be a great character and the way David Tennant portrays him is amazing. Hard to explain though, as I said.

Specials are as follows (On BBCAmerica):
December 19th – “The Waters of Mars”
December 26th – “The End of Time, Part One”
Sometime in 2010 – “The End of Time, Part Two”

That’s about all I’ll list right now. Other shows I do watch though are “Glee” on Fox and reruns of “Las Vegas” on TNT. “Cold Case”, “Without a Trace” and other such shows.

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