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I’ve been toying with an idea to start a new story based on a re-occurring dream I’ve been having. I want to do it, but would anyone even be interested in reading it? I wouldn’t use the people from my dream. All names would be changed and possibly appearances too. The last time I tried this though, my dream stopped, and I was never able to finish it. I do want to finish it someday, if I can remember what happened in it. Worst comes to worse I’ll make the rest of it up. I’ll post the last one here, you can read and decide if you’d like to hear more about my next one. Then you can decide if you’d want me to do it.

Keep in mind, I wrote this like 3 years ago, and haven’t really touched it since. I know there are grammatical errors and such. I’m just posting it how I last left it.

I stumbled to my feet, opening my eyes as I did. I couldn’t see a thing and in turn this led me to believe I was blind. My heart started to race as I panicked. I remember being able to see before the fall. Had the impact caused something in my brain to lose connection with my eyes? But that surely couldn’t be the case. I don’t even believe that is possible but even so I don’t remember the impact at all. I don’t even know how hard I hit on impact. All I remember is falling through pitch black for what felt like hours; then awakening.

I began to walk slowly in the dark. Not being able to see with my eyes I decided to stick my hands out in front of me to be able to feel for whatever was going to end up in front of me.

I eventually felt what seemed like a solid brick wall. It felt gross as I touched it. It was all sticky and gooey, like it was covered in a century’s worth of grime and muck. Though, it had a distinct odor to it, and I couldn’t quite place it.

Not wanting to stay wherever I was for very long I began to walk slowly along the wall, both hands racing against it in search of something; perhaps a crack in the wall or even a door itself.

After several minutes of searching I came to what appeared to be a corner of a room. Two walls converging at a point. I continued the search, but it only lasted a couple of seconds as I had now bumped into something. I turned and touched the object, and I jerked my hand back ever so slightly, and touched it again. It felt cool to the touch, like it was sitting in a meat freezer, only it wasn’t cold wherever I was. I knocked on the item and it sounded as if I was knocking on metal. I began to inspect the cold, metal item with my hands, feeling all over the place.

I realized it was a chair.

I felt down what seemed like an arm of the chair, and at the end of it was an elaborately carved lion statue. Extending from the tip of the lion head was a thick spike. As I made my way to the top of the spike, I could feel more sticky, gooey stuff. I bent over, using my hands as guides as to not impale my face on the spike and sniffed. It had almost the same distinct odor that the walls emitted and I knew what the smell was now; it was blood, and it was fairly recent too. I was most certain the walls were covered in blood too now. My hands continued to inspect the chair. The back of the chair and the seat of it felt like they had soft velvet on them, and from the feel of it, the chair seemed like it would be rather comfy, minus the whole spike issue and all. I crouched down to feel the base of the chair and followed what appeared to be a foot rest for the chair. I could feel the same lion like statues from the arms of the chair; they were resting at a slant however. The spikes naturally were covered in more sticky recent blood. I stood up and read for the back of the chair again, this time making my way up it, and eventually came upon helmet type thing up there, except underneath the helmet, was a bed of spikes.

My mind began to race as I started to think of what this chair could be used for. It was quite obvious right away but I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t believe it; yet subconsciously I knew; it was a chair used for killing, no, murdering people.

I stood there for a minute trying to figure out how exactly it would work. I figured they’d start by shoving your feet through the spikes on the foot rest. This would make it hard for you to walk, let alone run away. Next they’d shove your hands through the spikes on the armrests, making it hard for you to make a decent fist and fighting back. With the fact the chair was freezing cold, this would make your mobility almost non existence. You wouldn’t be able to move. From loss of blood and pain, you wouldn’t have the will to move. Then, either right away, or after a bit of torture from the pain, they’d release the helmet which would come shooting down impaling you through the skull thus finishing you off.

I didn’t want to be its next victim so I hastily began to move along the wall again, desperately in search of a way out.

Thank God, Allah, Buddha or whomever you want to thank for my slight bit of luck. I didn’t run into any more types of machines like the chair. I did however feel something that felt smooth and metallic finally. The handle was in the shape of a lion I noticed as I grasped it and turned it. I had no hope of it being unlocked, but my luck was still running with me it seems because the door was in fact unlocked.

As soon as I flung the door opened I winced. A gush of light poured into my dilated pupils and stung my eyes causing my eyes to tear up. The first bit of light I had seen since what felt like hours. I was relieved though as I was not blind like I had thought.

I turned behind me to inspect the room I would be leaving but it was useless. As I turned around the room was still pitch black. It was like there was a filter in the doorframe that stopped the light rays from entering the room. I sighed and walked out.

The hallway I entered wasn’t as bright as I had initially thought. In fact, it was rather dim. Some of the lights were flickering or were out altogether making black spots in the hallway. The wallpaper was peeling in places that I could see and there was what appeared to be red graffiti on the walls in spots yet, I had the distinct feeling it was not red graffiti. I just kept looking back and forth, left to right at the hall way. It looked like to the left it ended in a couple feet; a dead end. I decided to go right. I turned, staring down the hall, a shiver ran through my body, and I started to walk.

That’s the end of Part 1. I did start Part 2. No one has ever seen it. And that’s because this is all I’ve ever written for Part 2 (again, I know there’s grammatical errors and some oddly worded things. Just posting how I last left it):

I followed the hall, eyes moving frantically back and forth from side to side. It was a bit unnerving and my heart began to race. Thud thud thud against my chest went my heart. So fast and hard was it I thought it may burst from my chest and jolt right out of wherever I was. From what had I had a seen and felt so far I began to think anything was possible.

All across the walls written in what I had hoped was graffiti (though I knew better), were horrible, terrible phrases. I noticed some rooms up a head and I debated on whether I should check them out or not. My mind was curious while my body didn’t want to walk into them. As I got closer to them I noticed weird symbols on the doors and they had windows. I peered into one of the windows. I couldn’t see anything but darkness. It was like the first room I had been in myself, somehow light could not penetrate the room. I knew the other room was going to be the same way but I looked anyways.

Slightly disappointed I continued on down the hall staying as close to the middle of the hallway as possible. The hall floor was starting to become cluttered with items. Racks were knocked over and stretchers were overturned and looked like they had been thrown about in a fit of rage. I climbed over the necessary items in my way, all the while my mind racing as to think of what could have done this.

Making it further and further down the hall the already dim light was becoming even more dim; up a head it looked as if no lights existed.

So that’s that. Thoughts, comments, ideas? Share them below.
Until next time.


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